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16 Panel Drug Test Cup with ETG, FEN, K2, TRA - Identify Diagnostics USA

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Identify Diagnostics USA 16 Panel Drug Test Cup with premium FUO panels: ETG, FEN, K2, TRA - Made in USA

The current expiration date for this drug test cup is on or better thanMAY 17, 2025

Ships same day if by 3pm EST. Signature required delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a non-USA Made version of this same 16 PANEL cup. It is available now. Shop it HERE.

- Made in USA (Designed in Florida, Manufactured in California)
- Intended for Forensic Use Only (FUO)
- Urine temperature strip included
- Purchase in bulk or small quantities to meet your specific volume needs
- Choose from quantities: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 cups
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Drugs Tested:
AMP - Amphetamines 500 ng/ml
BAR - Barbiturates 300 ng/ml
BUP - Buprenorphine 10 ng/ml
BZO - Benzodiazepines 300 ng/ml
COC - Cocaine 150 ng/ml
EDDP - Methadone Metabolite 300 ng/mL
ETG - Ethyl Glucuronide 500 ng/ml
FEN - Fentanyl 25 ng/ml
K2 - Synthetic Marijuana 25 ng/ml
MDMA - Ecstasy 500 ng/ml
MET - Methamphetamines 500 ng/ml
OPI / MOP - Morphine / Opiates 300 ng/ml
OXY - Oxycodone 100 ng/ml
PCP - Phencyclidine 25 ng/ml
THC - Cannabinoid (Marijuana) 50 ng/ml
TRA - Tramadol 100 ng/ml

CR - Creatinine
GL - Glutaraldehyde
pH - Acidic or Alkaline
NI - Nitrite
OX - Oxidants
SG - Specific Gravity

The Identify Diagnostics USA 16 panel drug test cup is a premium quality urine drug screening device with 16 panels and 6 adulterations. This urine screening cup is our most comprehensive choice as a fentanyl drug test cup.

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The Identify Diagnostics USA 16 Panel Drug Test Cup represents a new era in drug testing, offering a comprehensive and accurate solution for organizations and individuals in need of reliable results. This innovative product, designed in Florida and manufactured in California, provides a fast and efficient method to detect a wide range of substances in a user-friendly design. This 
Made In USA 16 panel drug test cup offers a few appealing features. 
The Identify Diagnostics USA 16 Panel Drug Test Cup is a state-of-the-art drug screening tool that simultaneously tests for 16 different drugs in a single-use, disposable cup. The user simply provides a urine sample directly into the cup, and the integrated test strips deliver accurate results within 5 minutes. The cup is designed with a leak-proof, tamper-evident security seal stickers and features a temperature strip to ensure the integrity of the sample.

Wide Range of Detectable Substances

The 16 Panel Drug Test Cup sets itself apart by testing for a broad range of substances, including commonly abused drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and opiates, as well as prescription medications like benzodiazepines and barbiturates. This expansive coverage enables organizations to effectively address various substance abuse concerns while adhering to drug testing policies and guidelines. The full list of drugs tested include: AMP - Amphetamines 500 ng/ml, BAR - Barbiturates 300 ng/ml, BUP - Buprenorphine 10 ng/ml, BZO - Benzodiazepines 300 ng/ml, COC - Cocaine 150 ng/ml, EDDP - Methadone Metabolite 300 ng/mL, ETG - Ethyl Glucuronide 500 ng/ml, FEN - Fentanyl 25 ng/ml, K2 - Synthetic Marijuana 25 ng/ml, MDMA - Ecstasy 500 ng/ml, MET - Methamphetamines 500 ng/ml, OPI / MOP - Morphine / Opiates 300 ng/ml, OXY - Oxycodone 100 ng/ml, PCP - Phencyclidine 25 ng/ml, THC - Cannabinoid (Marijuana) 50 ng/ml, TRA - Tramadol 100 ng/ml

Accuracy and Speed

The Identify Diagnostics USA 16 Panel Drug Test Cup is designed to provide accurate and reliable results quickly. The cup utilizes lateral flow immunoassay technology, which delivers over 99% accuracy in detecting the presence of specific drugs. Moreover, the test can be completed in just 5 minutes, making it an ideal choice for organizations that require rapid results for time-sensitive decisions.

Ease of Use and Cost-Effectiveness

Another noteworthy feature of the 16 Panel Drug Test Cup is its user-friendly design, which eliminates the need for specialized training or equipment. The all-in-one format streamlines the testing process, reducing the likelihood of human error and potential contamination. Additionally, the Identify Diagnostics USA 16 Panel Drug Test Cup offers an affordable drug screening solution, providing cost savings without compromising accuracy or quality.

The Identify Diagnostics USA 16 Panel Drug Test Cup exemplifies USA Made innovation in the realm of drug testing, offering a comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly solution for detecting a wide array of substances. Designed in Florida and manufactured in California, this product provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional drug testing methods. As the need for reliable and rapid drug screening continues to grow, the Identify Diagnostics USA 16 Panel Drug Test Cup stands as a testament to American made products. It is a valuable tool in combating substance abuse with illicit narcotic or prescription medication detection in human urine.

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