Custom Tests


Are you interested in purchasing a custom drug test cup or dip test to meet your specific drug and cut-off level needs?
Fill out our form and share with us how we can serve your urine testing requirements. We offer custom configurations of our brands: Identify Diagnostics, Identify Diagnostics USA, and Identify Health. We can manufacture up to 16 panels including CLIA Waived panels as well as Professional, or Forensic Use Only.

Please include the following in the form to help us better serve you:
• Are you interested in cup or dip cassette tests?
• Which drugs are needed and at what cut-off level?
• When would you like to receive the inventory?
• Is your business or organization regulated by CLIA?
• Would you like your tests to include adulterations?
• Would you like your tests to be MADE IN THE USA?

CLIA Waived drug panel options:
AMP500, AMP1000, BAR300, BUP10, BZO300, COC150, COC300, EDDP300, MET500, MET1000, MDMA500, MOP300, MOP2000, MTD300, OPI300, OPI2000, OXY100, PCP25, TCA1000, THC50

Forensic Use Only drug panel options:
CLO300, COT200, ETG500, FEN20, FEN25, FEN50, GAB2000, K2-25, KRA100, TRA100

Professional Use Only drug panel options:
6AM10, PPX300

Adulteration panel options:
CR - Creatinine, GL - Glutaraldehyde, pH - Acidic or Alkaline, NI - Nitrite, OX - Oxidants, SG - Specific Gravity

We will do our best to reply to you within one business day. Thank you.