About our Auto-Ship Program
Identify Diagnostics, places customer service as a top priority. We believe in establishing Partnerships with our members, not just a client-vendor relationships. We have learned one of the main challenges our partners face is keeping adequate supply on hand at all times. Recognizing this challenge, Identify Diagnostics, created the Auto-Ship Program as our solution. With Auto-Ship, we automatically send supplies on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis; based off our partners’ inventory needs.

Benefits of Auto-Ship Program
- Our Auto-Ship Program is Free of Charge.
- Designed to ensure customers have adequate product on hand at all times
- Streamline monthly supply costs
- Eliminate expedited shipping costs when supply shortages surface
- Eliminate the possibility of not treating patients due to lack of supplies
- Ordering Convenience
- Free up time for team members due to less time placing orders

How It Works
- Carefully selected clients are welcomed and recommended to the program (lets discuss)
- Our Operations Analysis Team reviews previous orders to understand purchasing trends
- An Auto-Ship solution is presented including shipment frequency and supply quantity.
- Understanding the detrimental impacts caused by supply shortages, our initial quantities are elevated to the highest rate of consumption.
- Your dedicated account manager will follow up with you after receiving each auto-ship replenishment (90 day trial period). After the 90 days we can then adjust up or down to ensure proper product volumes are supplied. Keep in mind you can change the quantity at any time.

Did You Know w
e have a broad product offering for the medical profession at competitive pricing? We specialize in:
- Exam Gloves

- Medical Braces
- Laboratory Consumables
- Infectious Disease Tests
- Pregnancy Testing
- PRP Supplies

All of these supplies are also available to add to your Auto-Ship program. Call us today to learn more! 727-744-2967