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8 Panel Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test - Identify Health

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Identify Health 8 Panel Oral Saliva Drug Test - POCT

The current expiration date for this oral fluid drug test has been manufacturer extended to: APRIL 9, 2024

Ships same day if by 3pm EST. Signature required delivery.

- Forensic Use Only

- FDA 510(K) Exempt for Employment and Insurance Purposes
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Drugs Tested:
ALC - Alcohol 0.02%
AMP - Amphetamines
 25 ng/ml
BZO - Benzodiazepines 10 ng/ml
COC - Cocaine 15 ng/ml
FEN - Fentanyl 10 ng/ml
MTD - Methadone 30 ng/ml
OPI - Morphine / Opiates
 30 ng/ml
OXY - Oxycodone 20 ng/ml

This 8 panel oral saliva drug test detects commonly abused drugs including Fentanyl (FEN). This configuration also serves as an Alcohol saliva test. These tests are intended for forensic use only but they are 510k exempt for use by employment agencies as well as insurance purposes. Our Identify Health Saliva Drug Tests feature a handy red indicator stick so you know enough saliva has been collected to properly perform the test.

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The 8 Panel Identify Health Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test: A Modern Approach to Drug Screening
In the realm of drug testing, technological advancements and innovations have significantly improved the ease, accuracy, and efficiency of detecting substances. The 8 Panel Identify Health Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test is a shining example of such innovation. Employing an oral fluid-based mechanism, this tool offers a fresh perspective on drug screening, circumventing many of the issues associated with traditional urine-based tests. One of its unique features is the red saliva indicator, ensuring that a sufficient sample has been collected. In following information, we will delve into the benefits and implications of this particular drug test.

A Brief Overview of the Test
The 8 Panel Identify Health Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test screens for eight common drugs or drug classes including: ALC - Alcohol 0.02%, AMP - Amphetamines 25 ng/ml, BZO - Benzodiazepines 10 ng/ml, COC - Cocaine 15 ng/ml, FEN - Fentanyl 10 ng/ml, MTD - Methadone 30 ng/ml, OPI - Morphine / Opiates 30 ng/ml, OXY - Oxycodone 20 ng/ml. This widens its detection range and making it versatile for various scenarios, be it employment screenings, medical evaluations, or forensic purposes. Unlike urine tests, this test requires an individual to provide a saliva sample, which is then evaluated for the presence of these substances.

The Red Saliva Indicator: A Unique Advantage
One of the significant challenges with sample collection in any medical test is ensuring the collected quantity is adequate for accurate testing. The Identify Health's Oral Fluid Saliva Test addresses this issue head-on with its red saliva indicator. This innovation is beneficial for multiple reasons:

User-Friendliness: Especially for those unfamiliar with such tests, knowing when they've provided enough of a sample can be confusing. The red indicator eliminates this guesswork, making the test more user-friendly.

Accuracy: An insufficient sample could lead to inconclusive or incorrect results. By having a clear indicator when the saliva amount is adequate, the test's accuracy is enhanced.

Efficiency: Instead of multiple attempts to collect an adequate sample or having to retest due to an insufficient sample, the indicator ensures it's done correctly the first time. This can save both time and resources.

Benefits of Saliva-Based Testing

Beyond the innovative red indicator, the use of saliva as a testing medium brings other advantages:

Non-Invasive: Saliva collection is less invasive than urine or blood tests. It's simple and doesn't require private restrooms or needle pricks.

Reduced Tampering: One significant issue with urine tests is the possibility of sample adulteration or substitution. Saliva tests, performed under supervision, are more challenging to tamper with.

Immediate Collection: There's no waiting period, as with urine tests. The sample can be collected on the spot.

Window of Detection: Saliva tests can often detect drugs taken more recently than urine tests can, providing a closer-to-real-time indication of substance use.

The 8 Panel Identify Health Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test represents a stride forward in drug screening technology. Not only does it expand the range of drugs it screens for, but it also optimizes the process of sample collection with the red saliva indicator. This combination of breadth in screening and precision in execution makes it an invaluable tool in the contemporary landscape of substance detection


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